Open Letter to Children of Alcoholics

 An open letter to Children of Alcoholics,

I am so sorry that we are here.  That we live in a world where children pay for the sins of their parents. Where we must live through traumatic situations because of our parent’s choices. Where their addiction is surround by stigma and not understood.

I am sorry that there is so much shame. That people do not understand how to approach it.  That adults drop their eyes when your parent’s addiction is mentioned. The isolation that you feel because of the situation you are stuck in.

I am sorry that home is not safe. That you have had to see things that no child should see. I am sorry that often the world, is scary. That you feel so alone.

It hurts me that you had to learn such hard lessons at a young age. It is unfair.  You are facing the hardest parts of our world before you get a chance to grow. Unfortunately, Alcoholism respects no boundaries and takes no prisoners. It leaves nothing but destruction.

 I know because My Mom was an Alcoholic.  She was a wounded person who used Alcohol to numb her pain. Instead of getting the help she needed, she lashed out. She let her addiction ruin her life, and ultimately take it. it is so hard to be in the center of that.

You are going to have mixed feelings, and that is ok.  There are good and bad days. The relationships with our alcoholic parents are unique. It is ok if your view of your parents is complicated.

I know how isolating this all seems. It may seem like you are the only one facing, it. You are not. There are so many people who have faced this and made it through. There is a strong community of survivors, and there is hope. Your community is out here, full of love and support. We are here waiting.

Remember to love yourself. You do not need to prove that you are worthy of love. You are valuable, and you have so many gifts to offer the world. Things will get better.

 I know things seem dark, but there are brighter days ahead.



Daughter of an Alcoholic.

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