New Year’s Reflections

  Yesterday was New Year’s Day. We left the challenging year of 2020 behind.  Over the last few days, I have been taking some time to reflect. For me, the past year was a mixed bag. I am still working to come to terms with all that it meant.

One thing that is bothering me is the typical stuff that you see at New Years. The predictable, typical New Year, New Me! posts. Which honestly have me disappointed. It makes me sad. So much has changed, yet we are still falling into this end of the year pitfalls.

I wish that we would slow down. Takes some time to pause and come to terms with how the year has shaped us. I think it is great to look forward, but that this should be part of a larger reflection. I personally feel that before we surge forward into a new year, it important to take inventory of the past 12 months.

 This year I have come to recognize that the only permanent thing is life is change. Everything else can easily change. The jobs are not permanent, and societal shifts happen quickly. If nothing else, this year has shown that we need to be flexible.

 It has helped teach me that the permanent parts of our lives are much less tangible.  It is the relationships, the memories and the moments that make our lives rich.  That sometimes the best adventures are those that are unexpected. Our existence is a miracle of the universe. We do not need to prove that we have value. We are worthy of love, regardless of what we create. Our creations and works should be an expression of our experience, not something in which to prove our value.  This year, I learned to be thankful to be here.

 For me it was a year of discovery. I spent a lot of time learning how to listen to the rhythms of my soul. To recognize my passions. To express my needs. This year was challenging, and I felt like I grew from it. for me, 2020 was a year of modest growth. I am thankful for that. For me, 2020 was a year of modest growth and for that I am thankful.

Yet I also want to hold space for those who struggled this year. 2020 was incredibly challenging. It is okay if you fell short of your goals or were not as productive as you wished. It is ok if you simply survived. If 2020 was a year where you kept your head down and waiting till the storm passed, celebrate that. By keeping your head down, you made it through. Celebrate that, sometimes that is what victory looks like.

  I approach the new year, with compassion. For me, 2020 taught me about patience, strength and reflection. It was a hard year, but it showed me how to persevere. I look forward to bringing these lessons into the new year.

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